Friday, September 30, 2011

Open for Service

Song: Open for Service
Artist: Crazy P
Album: When We On

Along with the Ben Westbeech record (check out yesterday) I've been into another vaguely "backround music" loungy cocktail album... Crazy P's latest "When We On."  But this one sounds nothing like the Westbeech record.  It's really a modern disco record in the vein of Hot Toddy's "Late Night Boogie."  It has got gorgeous, soulful, female vocals, sweeping strings, unobtrusive but irresistible beats, and enough production layers to keep it interesting after multiple listens.

Crazy P are a UK based band formed by Chris Todd and Jim Baron in 1995.  "When We On" is actually their sixth album, but first to use "Crazy P" as their name... shortening it from the unfortunate "Crazy Penis."  Their music (at least "When We On") has zero of the jokey goofiness a name like that would imply, so their decision to change was right on.  They are biggest in Australia where they've developed a following over the years due to several tours of the continent.

"When We On" starts with the amazing get-things-going "Open for Service," which is an ecstatic orgy of disco strings and strut-worthy beats.  At almost seven minutes long, an epic of sorts... though the album is filled with several six-plus minute tracks.  This is actually much more a mood record than the Westbeech album, but a very very good one at that.  It's ideal for an end-of-the-night come down, or a get-the-sexy-on pick up.  I also really love "Heartbreaker," which nabs the first line of "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)" and spins it into an abstract disco freak-out.  Wild.

A super sexy retro trip to start your weekend down and dirty.


Only found these two non-album versions of "When We On" tracks... you can stream some more of their music on their Soundcloud page.

Open for Service
Future Beat (edit)

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