Monday, September 12, 2011


Song: Domino
Artist: Jessie J
Album: Domino (single)

Here is a pop-smash in the waiting warning.  "Domino" is the second US single from UK singer Jessie J who had a minor hit this summer with "Price Tag" featuring B.o.B.  The song isn't found on her debut album, "Who You Are," which I'd gotten and listened to earlier in the year.  Nothing really grabbed me at the time so I paid little attention.  I did warm up to "Price Tag" as the Summer went on, but it's been the one-two punch of "Domino" and her collaboration with David Guetta, "Repeat" from his new album that really got me interested.

Jessie J had first written a handful of songs for other artists, most notably Chris Brown, and then for Miley Cyrus... whom she penned the smash "Party in the U.S.A."  She wrote her ultimate first UK single "Do it Like a Dude" for Rihanna, but her label told her to save it for herself, and it became her first solo hit.  She's on her fourth single over in the UK from "Who You Are," but here in the States we are getting a new track, "Domino" a Dr. Luke/Max Martin produced track that's VERY Katy Perry.  I'm not sure if she was instructed to wait for Ms. Perry to finish her record-breaking run of number one hits, but now that the Perry-dominated Summer is over, it's Jessie J's turn.

I do really like "Domino," and again the amazing "Repeat" on Guetta's "Nothing But the Beat," which sounds very Robyn to me, has really peaked my interest in this girl.  I can't say that "Who You Are" sounds any better to me than it did when I first heard it... but either the girl is hitting her songwriting stride, or she's just paid enough dues to garner working with hit-makers now... who are giving her just that.  It's obvious she has some talent though, and given "Domino" we might be seeing a Katy-sized sophomore album from her if "Domino" continues this success train.

This song is very much the state of pop right now... not for everybody though.


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