Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do the Washing Machine feat. Lavinia Claws

Song: Do the Washing Machine feat. Lavinia Claws
Artist: Golden Bug + Rodion
Album: Do the Washing Machine (single)

Golden Bug is the monicker taken by French remixer and producer Antoine Harispuru, who lives between both Paris and Barcelona, but is signed to the Australian label Bang Gang, as well as Euro-disco Gomma.  So, despite the "endless" pool of talent in France when it comes to remixers/producers/DJ's, Golden Bug has taken himself out of that scene, focusing his work on other places in Europe through Gomma, or in Australia.

Rodion is a remixer/producer from Rome, Italy.  Also on the Gomma label, focusing on Italian Disco.

"Do the Washing Machine" is a sweeping disco/house single they have recently released together featuring vocals by Lavinia Claws.  It's pretty infectious.


Do the Washing Machine
Flamingo - Golden Bug
Estate - Rodion feat. Louie Austin

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