Thursday, August 25, 2011

Secret Weapon

Song: Secret Weapon
Artist: The Whip
Album: Wired Together

I really loved Oldham, Greater Manchester electro-rock band The Whip's debut album "X Marks Destination" which came out in 2008 in the UK and here in the States the following year.  Another band I hadn't really been keeping up with that just so happens to be releasing a new album this year.

"Wired Together" continues the band's electro-rock/dance sound, but seems even more focused and tighter than their debut.  It starts off very strong with the spacey, then throbbing, "Keep or Delete," that builds slowly and explodes in the chorus.  Even better is second track "Secret Weapon," which starts punchy and sunny.  It's clear the band has paid specific attention to making their chorus' a bit more memorable and punchy.

I didn't notice it when I was first introduced to the band, but reminding myself that they are from Manchester, I am hearing a lot of 'Madchester' sound to their brand of electro-rock.  A little Stone Roses, a little Happy Mondays... and the lead singer sounds a bit like the lead of the Charlatans.  Maybe it's just that with "Wired Together," the band seems to be writing tighter songs vs. the experimental dance of their debut.

After The Rapture and the new Cicada records, I'm swimming in possibly great new albums that I need to give more time to.  But upon a couple listens, "Wired Together" seems to be joining the list.  Check this one out.


Secret Weapon
Keep or Delete
The Whip talk about their new album

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