Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come Together

Song: Come Together
Artist: Cicada
Album: Sunburst

I discovered the U.K.'s indie dance/nu-disco band Cicada from their excellent sophomore album, 2009's "Roulette."  I first heard a remix of single "Metropolis," then fell in love with the album and tracks "Falling Rockets," "Psycho Thrills," and "Executive."  It was one of the best dance records to come out that year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the band was putting out a new record this year, and have been just diving into "Sunburst" over the last couple days.  Like "Roulette," "Sunburst" has a range of guest vocalists singing the tracks, and a couple instrumentals thrown in there.  It's not a pop dance record, but it's not really a house record either... it's just... it's good.

After a brief intro, the album jumps into "Come Together" with some stuttered beats, male vocals, and some blips and beats.  I dig the chorus, and like the dirty groove and sexy vibe.  Second track "Hit My Ego" rides a delicious bass groove and melds elements of 70's disco and mid 2000's dance-rock.  Next is first single "Fast Cars," which for some reason sounds like it could come off of "Roulette," giving me shades of the underwater theme from that album.  It's souring and a bit transcendental... this is what Cicada does best.

The album begins to take an almost world music dance vibe as it continues.  There is an Indian element to "Magnetic," with some of it sung in what I think is Punjabi.  And instrumental "Woh!" has a Miami-flamenco feel to it.  Each track is solid though as the album continues, including a sequel or remake of sorts of "Roulette's" "Don't Stare at the Sun," this time subtitled "(revisit.)"  It's a neat way to tie the records together, beyond the ocean/water themes of that record, and the "sun" motif here.  (these are minor, and I may be reaching in their intention.)

This is an album to get up and dance to, listen on a long ride, or clean the house.  It's not all catchy hooks and instantly gratifying... but works as a full album and journey.  Cicada are doing something special in the dance world, making true dance albums.


Come Together
Fast Cars
Hit My Ego

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