Friday, June 24, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

Song: Moves Like Jagger
Artist: Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera
Album: Moves Like Jagger

So remember how immediate "This Love" and "Makes Me Wonder" were?  And remember how kind of amazing "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" turned out to be?  Well... I do, but I also unfortunately remember just how ho-hum Maroon 5's third album, "Hands All Over" was.  "Misery" was okay... and I honestly didn't connect with one other track on that record.  Disappointing.  But but but... I am happy to report that Maroon 5's latest single "Moves Like Jagger" featuring Christina Aguilera is a wham-bam super single that is a new out-of-nowhere song of the summer contender.

I had started watching "The Voice," the new singing competition show starring both Maroon's Adam Levine & Aguilera (hence the track) as well as Ceee-Lo and Blake Shelton.  I sort of lost my interest recently, but both Levine, and to a certain extent Aguilera, come off really well on the show.  In the case of Levine, it seemed that this was going to be a new direction of his career... if we are to read anything into his statement from the "Hands" promotion that their next album might be their last.  But I'm sorry, a song as groove-tastic as "Moves Like Jagger" seems to come so effortless (regardless of "Hands All Over") to the band, that the thought of them throwing in the towel seems like pop sacrilege.

Is it the killer guitar lick?  The infectious whistling?  The uncharacteristic (for Maroon 5) electro beat?  Levine's soul funk butter voice?  Or that crazy catchy chorus?  It's all of these things... and Aguilera doesn't even ruin it when she comes in at 2:15... we've already fell in love.  And well, admittedly the girl does work this track . (Never been a fan.)

Maroon 5 was always a little guilty pleasure to me.  Especially since there were a couple insipid slow tracks form their first record that I literally couldn't listen to.  But "Before Long" really changed my opinion, proving themselves to be pretty gifted pop songwriters.  The last record may have been ho-hum, but maybe it's taught them a lesson.  Despite the kinda-goofy title...  this one is a real winner.

Well, Martin Solveig's "Hello" has been my current placeholder for song of the summer.  I'm also digging Britney's "I Wanna Go," but I can't FULLY give it to Ms. Perry this year.  She's had it I don't know how many summer's in a row... and given "Last Friday Night" is the fifth single off the impressive but long-in-the-tooth "Teenage Dream," she would have needed to come out with the new, no-doubt random tack-on mega single for the "Teenage Dream Extended Version" to get it this time.  But here is a brand new contender in the ring, just like "the Voice," which has become a semi-surprise early summer hit.

Sing it.


Moves Like Jagger
Moves Like Jagger (Live on the Voice)

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