Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Song: Crystalline
Artist: Bjork
Album: Biophilia

Wow, it's been a LONG time since we've gotten a new album proper from Bjork.  Since the release of 2007's "Volta," she's released a song here and a song there, worked on different music projects but not a full-blown Bjork release.  I've been a fan since "Debut" and while I haven't loved every single record, including her last two, "Volta" and even '04's "Medulla," (though they obviously had many many gems on them) you can count on Bjork to keep it interesting for sure... but I was excited to hear new music, and that she has a new album on the way entitled "Biophilia."

"Biophilia" is being described as the first "app album."  It was partially recorded on an iPad, and is a collaboration with Apple.  The project is being directed by longtime collaborator Michel Gondry, and will encompass apps, music, internet, installations, and live shows.  The first app in the series was called "Solar System," and included music, an eBook, 3D diagrams, movies, along with animations from NASA, The European Space Agency, and the Japan Aerospace exploration Agency.  Starting this month, every single song on the album will be released as an app for the iPad twice a month.  Interesting... to say the least.

"Crystalline" has just been released as the first single, and I suppose an app though I don't have an iPad to let you know what that's al about.  Though there is some crazy space-theme happening on her official site where you can see pictures of crazy looking rocks.

But what is "Crystalline" like?

Well, it starts with a toy piano and Bjork ever-striking voice, talking about crystals and space, and then a minimal beat comes in.  The song then grows and grows, isn't particularly catchy... but does have her typically interesting soundscape.  Just when you think that the song needs something, and actually needs her to like, create a brand new sound or type of beat it... turns into a drum and bass track circa the mid-90's.  (???) Well, it's only toward the end and doesn't overpower the track but... drum and bass?  At least she isn't making a bloody dubstep album.

Bjork has made some of my favorite albums of all times so I will follow her on any album journey.  Not sure what to make of "Crystalline" or the concept of "Biophilia," which given that I don't have an iPad I can't fully enjoy, but I'll check out the music... and as always report back.  ;)



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