Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

Song: Mind Your Own Business
Artist: Delta 5
Album: Mind Your Own Business

I can't say that I was ever HUGE into post-punk, but did get into bands like Gang of Four and Television when I was in college and obsessed with the history of alternative rock.  In retrospect, it's the disco influence that probably grabs me, mixed with the DIY punk energy.  It feels alive, fresh, and fun.

So my very good friend John told me about Delta's 5's "Mind Your Own Business," a favorite track he use to hear at a dirty East Village hot spot toward the end of the night years ago when the insanity was at a fever pitch.  It is so immediate, goofy yet edgy... and by the end you're pretty much saying to everyone in your head; "mind your own business."  Love it.

Delta 5 were an English band from Leeds (also the home of Gang of Four) that included members Julz Sale, Ross Allen, Bethan Peters, Kelvin Knight, and Alan Riggs.  "Mind Your Own Business" was their debut single in 1979, they released only one album, "See the Whirl," which was a flop due to its too clean production.  After it flopped, the band called it quits.  But they gave us "Mind Your Own Business," which has been covered by Chicks on Speed, Le Shok, and Pigface. (???)

Hearing this, I realize that there has got to be a good post-punk compilation out there to find more hidden gems like this.  I know nothing more of the band, but like a lot of "periods" in music, usually there are a lot of bands with one or two songs that exemplify the genre, vs. entire albums.  BUT, if you do have an interest in post-punk I HIGHLY recommend Television's "Marquee Moon" or Gang of Four's "Entertainment."  Probably the two best undisputed post-punk classics.

This is a killer track, add it to your library!


Mind Your Own Business

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