Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Your Eyes

Song: In Your Eyes
Artist: Edwyn Collins
Album: Losing Sleep

Edwyn Collins is probably best known for his out of left field hit "A Girl Like You," his 60's Go-go-esque single from his third solo album, "Gorgeous George."  It was placed on the "Empire Records" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" soundtracks and got a ton of play on alternative, and then pop radio back in the 90's.  I used to really love the song, but never got the album, nor paid attention to anything the man has done before or since, until the release of his recently released eighth album, "Losing Sleep," which happened to be his highest charting album in the UK since '94's "Gorgeous George."

Collins is a Scottish singer-songwriter specializing in guitar-driven pop songs.  He was a founding member of the late 70's post-punk/new wave band Orange Juice, who were best know for the single "Rip it Up." (see below)  That band was a huge influence on the arty dance-punk of Franz Ferdinand, and Collins has maintained his knack for writing catchy guitar pop.  But I feel his most powerful weapon is his sexy semi-bored voice.  Though, from my limited knowledge of his work, still has never been worked to better use than the groovy "A Girl Like You."

"Losing Sleep" isn't a remarkable album, but coming from nowhere for me as I haven't followed him, it was all a pleasant surprise.  First and title track is punchy and sets the tone for the album.  I also like the rocking "What is My Role," and "In Your Eyes," a collaboration with Brooklyn-based indie rockers The Drums.  Again, not a necessarily important rock record, but one that really is well-written and unassuming.  Give a listen.


In Your Eyes
Losing Sleep
Rip it Up - Orange Juice

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