Thursday, May 05, 2011

Stars in Your Eyes

Song: Stars in Your Eyes
Artist: Her Majesty & the Wolves
Album: Her Majesty & the Wolves EP

I've been listening to this song for some time and have been a bit on the fence about WeCasting it.  I do like it, though it does verge into Black Eyed Peas pop territory... but the more I hear from this new band I find them more interesting.  This London-based band could find themselves with a US crossover hit... a WeCast prediction!

Her Majesty & the Wolves is a duo comprised of ex-Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt, and MC/Producer Spencer Nezey from Jupiter Rising.  They state their influences as including Florence & he Machine, Sia, Empire of the Sun, and Ladyhawke.  Interesting.  The duo met while working on song for was to be a solo album for Wyatt, who became frustrated because the other producers were going in a very current direction, but she wanted something more futuristic.  As Nezey agreed, Her Majesty & he Wolves was formed.

They released their first single "Glaciers" last August, and "Stars in Your Eyes" this past January.  While it didn't set radio on fire, I'm not writing them, or this song off.  A five-song EP introducing the band made the rounds on music blogs, and they just released a video for another new track, "Goodbye, Goodnight."  That track is VERY pop-y and I'm not sure I dig it... but the EP is pretty solid in its balance of dance-pop, electro, and the songwriting and sound you do equate with Empire of the Sun and Ladyhawke.  I just can't tell if they're verging more towards B.E.P.'s Euro-cheese, or something a bit more interesting.

But "Stars in Your Eyes" is a good single and I suppose should have been bigger here.  I really dug the Sidney Sampson remix as well, with elements of dubstep (which in general is kind of annoying me) and their first single "Glaciers" sounds very La Roux.  I did that one quite a bit too.  I think this is a duo to watch.  Their debut album is expected sometime this year, so I'm not ruling a song of the summer possibility for them.  Time will tell.

You can read more about the band on their official website.


Star in Your Eyes

Goodbye, Goodnight

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