Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sound of Love

Song: Sound of Love
Artist: Husky Rescue
Album: Ship of Light

A reader introduced me to Helsinki's Husky Rescue a little over three years ago.  I'd sort of forgotten about them, despite loving their sophomore album, '07's "Ghost is Not Real," so much.  Well, it turns out they released a third studio album in January... of 2010.  Whoops.

"Ship of Light" came out on the Catskills label just over a year ago.  Lead singer Reeta-Leena Korhola's vocals immediately brought me back to the chilly vibe of the bands music, and yet it seems they have gone even more towards a "band" sound, versus the trip-hop/ambient vibe of their debut "Country Falls."  That's not to say that "Ship of Light" isn't atmospheric and loses any of their chill out vibe... it just sounds a bit more organic than they have in the past.

I immediately connected to the second single released from the record "Sound of Love," a very pretty yet propulsive track, that shows the band at their mysterious and almost mystical best.  Again, Korhola's vocals really shine here and once again I'm reminded of the Cardigans as her vocals share the same girlish but sexy quality Nina Persson's does.  Magical.

The rest of "Ship of Light" is moody and "cinematic" sounding, much like their previous work.  I'll be honest; I didn't connect with this album as much as I did their previous efforts, but still think it is worth the listen.  A little quirky, a little scary... Husky Rescue are certainly an interesting band with an interesting mission.  But I dig it... and if for nothing else, "Sound of Love" is 100% worth a listen.


Sound of Love

They Are Coming

Fast Lane

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