Thursday, February 10, 2011

Under Cover of Darkness

Song: Under Cover of Darkness
Artist: The Strokes
Album: Angels

The Strokes are back!  After a long break that saw solo records and other music projects from various members, the band has gotten back together for their first album since the relative critical and commercial sidestep, "First Impressions of Earth" from 2006.  A five-year break and the longest the band has waited between albums.

I've actually really missed this band.  After their breakthrough debut record "Is This It" and their better (in my opinion) sophomore album "Room on Fire," the band changed the style of their music on their third album and despite two killer singles, "Jukebox" and "You Only Live Once," the album left me cold, like it did many.  It seems the band felt this hard, and put the Strokes on hold for five years, an eon in the world of rock & roll.

Their fourth album entitled "Angels" is purportedly a back to basics effort with the band already calling it their best since "Is This It."  From the initial guitar rush of first single "Under Cover of Darkness," this seems pretty evident.  There is a certain immediate comfort in the sound of this song that bounces me back to playing "Room on Fire" (and their debut) non-stop for a period of time.  I've liked the solo work that's come out during their hiatus, but it just didn't pop like The Strokes music... and hearing this new song brings it all back to me.  It seems Julian's vocals are mixed a bit different then usual... taking a bit of a back seat to the music... and it seems the vocal treatment that is usually given to his voice isn't there... or is different a bit.  It's hard to describe.

If you haven't heard their first two albums rush out and get them NOW.  You won't be disappointed, and it will give you an itch for "Angels" that will be appeased in March upon release.


Under Cover of Darkness


I Can't Win

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Heff said...

I didn't actually like the strokes so much when they first came out, I think I liked the Vines better (who knows where they are now). But they've grown on me, I happen to really like "You Only Live Once"