Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Song: Kaputt
Artist: Destroyer
Album: Kaputt

Here's something nice and easy to start your (possibly) short week if you had yesterday off.  My friend Luis introduced me to Destroyer, a Canadian Indie-rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar.  Destroyer could be described as chamber pop, jazz influenced... I also hear a little David Bowie in there, though can't place what.  In listening to "Kaputt," their ninth album, I'm leaning toward describing them as a really edgy Kenny G.  Which sounds like a diss... it's not.

Destroyer was founded back in 1995 by Bejar, only to take a long extended break in 2000 while he went to Spain.  He since returned to Vancouver with a new album and hooked up with the New Pornographers on a couple projects.  Destroyer then began to get a following and continued their sonic development over the course of several albums in the mid '00's.  "Kaputt," their latest was released just last month.

I've only listened to "Kaputt," their latest, so I can't speak to the bands progression over the years, but in retrospect, the record seems obviously made by someone with a musical history and technique.  Their sound is, in a way, a lite-jazz take on indie-pop.  Bejar's voice reminds me of Benjamin Diamond and "Kaputt" does remind me of his latest album... small instances of electronic work, beats, synths, etc. used more for a swirling, laid-back feel vs. in-you-face production.  It's very very "nice."  Lots of saxophone.  LOTS of saxophone.

But again, this is no complaint.  Not my normal type of music, but there is something magical about Destroyer and their sound.  It's not an album filled with potential singles, more of a straight mood record.  Though it is not without its highlights.  I really liked the dreamy "Suicide for Kara Walker," and the standout track that Luis played for me initially, title-track "Kaputt."  That particular song really shows what the record is all about in the best possible light.  It's a beauty.  Check it out.



Suicide Demo for Kara Walker

Savage Night at the Opera

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