Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who's That Chick?

Song: Who's That Chick
Artist: David Guetta (Feat. Rihanna)
Album: One More Love

When "Only Girl (in the World)" came out as Rihanna's first single from her latest album "Loud," it was clear that she was going for a more club sound on this new record vs. the hard R&B of "Rated R."  This was further proven when this track, "Who's That Chick?" leaked shortly after.  I immediately loved the infectious beat and groove of the song and began to think that "Loud" might be right up my alley.

As with the new age of internet song leaks, much confusion over the track was discussed online.  It was reported that it wasn't for "Loud," (despite how well it fit with "Only Girl") and that it was for a Dorito's ad (wha?) and then that it wasn't a "Rihanna" track at all... that it was a David Guetta song, and she was just singing.

As it turns out, the track wasn't on "Loud," and that album turned more pop-R&B than the club-ness that "Only Girl" and "Chick?" promised.  It was released as a single by Guetta for his like fourth re-release of his album "One Love" to be titled "One More Love" and would be the lead single from that re-release.  But it also WAS used to promote Dorito's "Late Night" brand of chips (which I never saw or heard but personally would like to recommend their "Taco's at Midnight" flavor from that series.  Delicious, really.)

"One More Love's" bonus disc used it as its lead track and included other post-"One Love" collaborations such as Madonna's "Revolver," Kelly Rowland's "Commander," and Kelis' "Acapella."  And actually, if you have not yet gotten Guetta's album but like his brand of infectious pop-club tracks... this is a great version to get as the bonus tracks are pretty stellar, and fit with the rest of the album.

Rihanna apparently was looking for more "substance" for "Loud," and while lyrically "Chick?" is admittedly just a dumb "she's sexy on the dancefloor" song... there isn't anything else, save for "Only Girl," that got me moving like "Who's That Chick?" does from her record.  I think it has enormous hit potential, but is getting lost without official promotion from her.  Well, I've been loving it for months now, so here is my shout out... this one will get ya movin'.


Who's That Chick

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