Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Song: Schizophrenia
Artist: Jukebox the Ghost
Album: Everything Under the Sun

I've been really digging this song the past few weeks and just have to share...

Jukebox the Ghost are a Washington DC-born, Philladelphia-based three-piece whom formed in 2003.  The band consists of Ben Thornewell (vocals & Piano,) Tommy Siegal (vocals & guitar,) and Jesse Kristin (drums.)  Their sound can best be described as off-beat piano-based pop in the vein of Ben Folds (whom they have opened for.)  "Everything Under the Sun" is their second album released last September after their debut, "Let Live and Let Ghosts" came out in 2008.

First track and standout "Schizophrenia" is an infectious slice of pop bliss that reminds me of 80's bands like Prefab Sprout and (slightly) Tears for Fears.  The song has off-beat hit written all over it... but it somehow has not caught on at alternative radio.

"Everything Under the Sun" is filled with catchy little ditties that, if "Schizophrenia" floats your boat... you'll totally dig.  "Half Crazy" is a guitar-based Barenaked Ladies-esque rocker, "Empire" sounds quite a bit like Ben Folds, and "Mistletoe" seems to turn part of the melody from "Jack U Off" and turns it into a piano-based love ballad.  Am I wrong there?

Jukebox the Ghost are the type of band I haven' listened to in a number of years, but there is a strong sense of songwriting and just pure joy in making music from their work.  I'm happy to have stumbled upon them.



Half Crazy


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