Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Song: Survive
Artist: Laurent Wolf
Album: Harmony

I keep surprising myself in how much more I've been digging European dance music.  I'm sure readers of the blog have rolled their eyes at that; "Are you kidding?  That's ALL you listen to."  Okay, okay... more specifically more mainstream Euro-dance music.  While I'd years ago really stayed away from what I considered "dumb" dance music, even over the last two years or so, I've seen myself getting into people like David Guetta whom I originally written off as "cheesy."  As I've been listening to, and enjoying, French DJ Laurent Wolf's 2010 album "Harmony," I was reminded of all of this.

Laurent Wolf has been in the game since 2001, releasing singles on a couple different dance labels until releasing his first full album, "Prive" in 2003.  After three more independent records, he released "Wash My World" in 2008 on SONY/BMG and saw his single "No Stress" reach #1 on the French SNEP singles chart.  "Harmony" has generated three singles thus far, lead rack "Survive," "It's Not the End of the World," and a remix of sorts of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line."

Like Guetta's "One Love" (which was just recently re-released for the umpteenth time) "Harmony" works sort of like a mix tape with Wolf providing music with a variety of singers both male and female.  Unlike Guetta though, he's not playing with heavy vocal hitters like Fergie, Kid Cudi, Akon, and Kelly Rowland.  Wolf gets only what I can assume to be Euro-dance singers such as Andrew Roachfoard, Mod Martin, Alyssa Palmer, and Anne-Lyse to name a few.  But I think that this approach helps keeps things interesting... the vocalist change as not to make things get repetitive, but it's all held together with a similar sound and vibe orchestrated by Wolf.  I dig.

"Survive" kicks things off strong and gives you an idea what to expect.  Not for all tastes, and you hipster dance fans might thumb your nose up at this but if you do like Guetta, check this out.



Walk the Line

No Stress

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