Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm on Fire

Song: I'm on Fire
Artist: The Chromatics
Album: In the City

A quick diversion as I have been loving this cover...

The Chromatics are a Portland, Oregon-based band that specializes in Italian Disco.  Their 2007 album "Night Drive," released on the Italians Do It Better label, didn't grab me all that much upon it's release, save for their excellent downtempo cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill," which I covered here at WeCastMusic.  Back in October I got what I thought was their second album "In the City," only to find out that it's only really a single... but with seven new tracks, and two running over the six-minute mark... you see why.

Well, despite my incorrect assumption, I still wasn't floored by it.  The single, "In the City," was okay, but even for chill out music... it's bored and detached style just left me... well a little bored.  But there is SOMETHING about their sound, something about... well their bored and detached-ness that I do find effective.  And this is once again displayed not by an original song, but another cover.

Possibly because there is a bit of guitar work reminiscent of the song within "In the City," (actually, as well as the opening of "I Want Your Love" from "Night Drive") the band decided to cover my favorite Springsteen track, "I'm on Fire."  Slowed down even more than the original, the Chromatics take this song of longing and lust and transport it to a David Lynchian space trip.  I sound off my rocker... but just take a listen and you'll see what I mean.  What really sums up everything is the fact that despite how once again bored lead singer Hannah Billie sounds... lyrically, "I'm on Fire" is so direct, so purposeful with both words and feeling... that it reaches an emotional space their original music never does.  It's sexy, trippy, and will grab you and not let go.

Check out more Chromatics below.  I might be wrong about them... what do you think?  But certainly, I know I am NOT wrong on "I'm on Fire."  Hot!


I'm on Fire

In the City

I Want Your Love

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