Friday, December 03, 2010


Song: Lovestruck
Artist: Duffy
Album: Endlessly

Upon hearing Adele's new AMAZING single "Rolling in the Deep," it was hard not to think about the other new white soul singers; Amy Winehouse who started it all off with her breakthrough sophomore album "Back in Black," as well as Duffy, who had a killer single ("Mercy") and a pretty boring full album.  So I wasn't so interested in her new material that much, and a listen to first single "Well, Well, Well" garnered a "well that's nice," vs. "Whoa, amazing" a-la Adele... but it also wasn't terrible.  But I've been listening to her full sophomore album, "Endlessly" and happy to report it's better than her debut.

In an interesting move, Duffy has partnered with music legend Albert Hammond (father of the Stokes rhythm guitarist) to co-write and co-produce the entire album.    She took the main songwriting credit on the songs from her debut "Rockferry," but takes second fiddle this time around.  Whatever, it works.

The songs do have the old-time vibe that again Winehouse, Adele, and she strive for, but more so this time around Duffy sounds a bit more pop.  Back to lead single "Well, Well, Well," after a couple listens I began to think it really did have the urgency of "Mercy," and a killer rhythm section... which turned out to be done by none-other than The Roots.  The song has seriously grown on me, and I am equally digging the Digital Dog Remix.

As I listened to third track "Keeping My Baby" I started to think less 60's girl-group and a little more Kylie.  Odd for sure... but again when hearing "Lovestruck" I heard a real Kylie connection.  Odd until I found out that both tracks (along with "Well, Well, Well") were co-produced by none-other than recent Kylie collaborator Stuart Price.  Funny.  I totally hear it, and they are some of my favorite tracks on the album.

Sure, second single "Endlessly," and sixth track "Breath Away," keep the old-time sound and are rather beautiful.  Very very nice.  This one is turning my ears for sure.


Lovestruck - on Live@Home

Well, Well, Well

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