Friday, December 17, 2010


Best of 2010

Song: Free
Artist: Graffiti6
Album: Colours

While Ceee-Lo had the soul single of the year with his obscene yet totally cute track "Fuck You," a very little known band had my favorite soul album of the year, Graffiti6's "Colours."  The London-based duo of DJ/Producer TommyD (no relation to Pauly) and Singer-Songwriter Jamie Scott.

I first highlighted the album and first single "Stare into the Sun" back in October when I stumbled across the album and really liked it's vibe.  Over the last couple months it's really grown on me and become one of my favorites of the year.  Scott's voice is emotive and quite strong, while TommyD's production and song-craft mix Mark Ronson-esque soul throwback with 60's psychedelia and even glimpses of 90's era house here and there.  The album is filled with laments on love and life a takes a modern look at the world through a kaleidoscope of the past.  This is one cool record.

Opener "Stone in My Heart" really sets the stage for the album's Otis Redding does "Hair" feel.  Throughout the album you have the trippy strut of "Stare at the Sun," the almost trip-hoppy "This Man," and slow folk-ballads like "Calm the Storm" and "Goodbye Goeffrey Drake."  The 60's are alive and updated thanks to Graffiti6!

My favorite track on the album is "Free," a groovy tale of love lost that's heartbreaking and real.  Man these lyrics just shudder through me.  I love love love this track.

While artist like Winehouse, Duffy, and Adele have been given a lot of press to the neo (white) soul movement... Graffiti6 aren't being talked about at all.  I don't really get how this record is going under the radar... it seems like out-of nowhere Grammy Gold to me.  Well consider hearing about it first on WeCastMusic!



Stare into the Sun

Annie You Save Me

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