Monday, November 01, 2010

White Knuckle Ride

Song: White Knuckle Ride
Artist: Jamiroquai
Album: Rock Dust Light Star

I've never been a huge Jamiroquai fan.  I certainly don't dislike them, and it was hard not to resist them back when "Virtual Insanity" became an international phenomenon thanks to the trippy music video, and of course the music.  While they never matched the success of that single here in the states, they have been steadily releasing albums over the years and have had many successful singles.  Their seventh album, "Rock Dust Light Star" is being released today in the UK.

Despite the band's limited exposure here in the US post-"Insanity," I have consistently met people who LOVE the band, and specifically always mention how great their albums as a whole are.  I've only heard smatterings from the band here and there so "Rock Dust Light Star" is really my first full listen to an entire offering.

I don't hear a specific reference so to speak but what always jumps out to me about the band is how strong the disco and funk influences are on the band.  Disco certainly died years ago, and while there are a handful of artist keeping the sound and/or new bands (like Hot Toddy I highlighted a few weeks ago) that continue all of the elements from that much maligned era, the majority of disco (and funk) influences take bits and pieces of that style and use them for a more modern dance sound.

So it's partly refreshing to hear a band like Jamiroquai keep the faith in a genre time forgot but it's not straight nostalgia going on here... actually, the band makes music with such joy and immediacy, you just need to take it as is.  It's pretty electrifying.

My only complaint might be the same-sounding-ness of their catalog.  And yet... while I connect sounds and vibe from past singles to the tracks on "Rock Dust Light Star," this particular record is quite diverse from song to song.  First proper single "Blue Skies" is a mid-tempo soul jam, while "White Knuckle Ride" and "All Good in the Hood" are more like the Jamiroquai of old.  I also love the Elton John-esque 70's pomp of "Lifeline" and the slowed-down groove of "Never Gonna Be Another."

Good stuff.


White Knuckle Ride

Blue Skies

All Good in the Hood

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