Friday, October 29, 2010

As Good As it Gets

Song: As Good As it Gets
Artist: Goose
Album: Synrise

Goose are a Belgian electro-rock band that formed in 2000 and have been releasing singles and doing remixes since 2002.  I first heard of the band when they did a remix of the Scissor Sisters single "She's My Man," which I actually didn't care much for.  Their debut full-length album "Synrise" was released earlier this month on !K7 Records.

For a band that started out as an AC/DC-like cover band, they are pretty electronic... but that fact is also important to understanding what they're like as they do have a lot of rock elements to their sound.  Though I hear more of a modern-day Duran Duran feel.  (ummm, I think I actually already used that comparison this week in regards to Fenech-Soler, whom Goose sound nothing like.  Oh well.)

The album opens with the swirling, propulsive, title track and instrumental.  It's a nice, dramatic, opening before things really kick in with "Can't Stop Me Now," a deep-dark attention grabbing song.  "After" is similar, employing some light industrial sounds... a little "Pretty Hate Machine-esque" though of course not as dated.

I really like "As Good As it Gets" and "Like You" though I am a bit confused by having "Words" as their lead single.  Not a bad song... but just odd for a single.  I dig this record.


As Good As it Gets (live)


Can't Stop Me Now (live)

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