Friday, November 19, 2010

Jump on Stage

Song: Jump on Stage
Artist: Girl Talk
Album: All Day

Girl Talk is the moniker taken by Pittsburgh, PA DJ and sample artist Gregg Gillis who made quite a splash back in 2006 when his third album of non-stop mash-up's "The Night Ripper," came out on Illegal Art.  Made almost entirely of samples and mash-up's of popular songs into one non-stop mix.  Girl Talk continued the concept with his incredibly well-reviewed follow up "Feed the Animals" from 2008.  This week he released his fifth album, "All Day," again on Illegal Art.

I'd listened to the last two Girl Talk albums and honestly have to say that I didn't really care for them.  Despite the obvious skill and time that I know is involved with what Gillis does, I just couldn't get into the short-attention-span, break-neck-speed per track, that includes on average, about thirty different samples into one "song."  There wasn't one through-line or specific sample that would run through one song... shifting from here to there... it's pretty schizophrenic.  And more so just... unenjoyable.  Despite moments of greatness.

But I was missing something.  It should be mentioned that Girl Talk has made "All Day" available for free via the Illegal Art website.  When I got the album there it gives you the option to get it as a one-track MP3, or broken up into "songs" for "convenience."  And taking the thing as a whole makes it feel a little less disjointed... as that is how it's constructed, it shifts constantly... you can't grab onto one particular sample as less than a minute later... it's moved on.  I always found this disorienting.

As much as I listened to "Feed the Animals" and couldn't get into it... I am with "All Day."  There seems to be more 80's and 90's samples form tracks I love... with the hip-hop coming across as less intrusive this time out.  It's either something that I suppose rocks you, or leaves you absolutely cold.  But as in "Feed the Animals" there are moments that absolutely blow me away.  This guys has an ear for mixing tracks together.  It's pretty head-shake inducing.  Check it out.


Jump on Stage

Get it Get it

This is the Remix

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