Thursday, November 18, 2010


Song: D.I.L.
Artist: Voltaire Twins
Album: Cabin Fever EP

I don't know much about the brother/sister team from Perth, Australia called Voltaire Twins, but their debut EP, "Cabin Fever" is pretty rad. Apparently, there is a serious electro/indie-nu-rave movement happening down under... and the Voltaire Twins are in the mix.  They describe themselves as "Twin-bop," which seems... kinda specific to them but... if the shoe fits.

"D.I.L." is the first official single from the EP, despite "Cabin Fever" being the first and title track... maybe that's just some Southern Hemisphere logic... I dunno.  Regardless, "D.I.L." is a pretty great, a cute slice of dance-rock that sounds a bit like my idea of what new Postal Service would sound like if they did some uppers.  "Cabin Fever" is also a great track... and upon a couple listens I realized how rock-based their tunes are.  The beats, etc. are additions to these songs... don't get me wrong, I love it, there are just some serious melodies in these songs, vs. hiding behind some swirling production.  I get the feeling that they're good live... though I don't know why.

Ultimately the "Cabin Fever" EP feels a little too short, so I'm excited to hear what the band does on their full length.  Check out more from the band on their MySpace page, Facebook, etc.



Cabin Fever


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