Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Song: Lies
Artist: Fenech-Soler
Album: Fenech-Soler

Man, it seems lately we have no shortage of new electro-pop acts popping up here and there.  And yet despite the onslaught, where are the hits here in the states?  Lady Gaga has become a bit of a fast megastar, and yet... La Roux's year-and-a-half old "Bulletproof" only JUST took hold here.  (And the follow-up "In For the Kill" needed Kanye to make it extra viable here in the States.  Please.)

So joining the throng of European acts that can't get play here comes Kings Cliffe, Northhamptonshire's Fenech-Soler, a four-man outfit lead by singer Ben Duffy.  They formed in 2006 and their self-titled debut was just released at the end of last month.  They just released their third single, "Lies" which proceeded the album and is a favorite of mine, though I also quite like their second single "Stop and Stare."

The band have a very song-focused brand of dance music, sounding much more like a band proper than many electronic artists of the same ilk.  The comparison doesn't quite work but I get a bit of a modern-day Duran Duran vibe with these guys.  I'll admit that I haven't completely fallen for the album the way I have with similar acts, but this AM as I gave the album another full listen I was surprised to hear myself thinking; "oh this is a good one too." throughout the entire listen.  A grower for sure.



Stop and Stare


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