Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suffragette Suffragette

Song: Suffragette Suffragette
Artist: Everything Everything
Album: Man Alive

Currently the toast of the U.K.'s indie rock scene, Manchester's Everything Everything are enjoying an almost embarrassing amount of praise and falling over from the scene's rock press.  From the BBC to NME, this is THE band right now that some are calling the first post-indie band. (??)  I mean... they're on Geffen, which isn't "indie" at all.  I was immediately reminded of Yeasayer, whom the BBC name-checks in their write-up of the band, Vampire Weekend as well, which I hear too.

A mix of rock, experimental sounds, and some electronics... Everything Everything might also garner some Radiohead comparisons, not via sound, but more for lyrical obtuseness meets intellectual experimentation.  Shit... am I starting to fall all over them?

Ha, well to be honest I'm not totally connecting to this band or their sound 100% (unlike I did with Yeasayer earlier this year) but do realize they have something interesting going on here... and dear readers, I wanna keep you up on your shit.  I am digging the track "Photoshop Handsome," which gives me a little Talking Heads at their most "punk."  And actually... that's a band, and seemingly strong influence, that some haven't pieced together.  There is also some 60's psychedelia going on here too, most noticeable in "Two for Nero."  Also dig the guitar crunch and vocal layering of their very first single (from 2008) "Suffragette Suffragette."

Check this band out.  You're hipper-than-thou friend is probably about to, or already has, begun to wet themselves over them.


Suffragette Suffragette

Photoshop Handsome


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