Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ice Cream Truck

Song: Ice Cream Truck
Artist: Cazwell
Album: Ice Cream Truck (single)

I've been a fan of Cazwell's singles for some time, and really had a blast with his previous track "I Seen Beyonce" from 2008.  I somehow missed that he came out with a full album called "Watch My Mouth" last year just after the Beyonce track.  Though half of it was comprised of songs already released in his "Get Into It" album which I already had.  But I just went to iTunes and picked up some of the new tracks, including single "Tonight," which I again missed... and they are pretty great, and impeccably produced, just like his other work.

Cazwell has described his sound as "if Biggie Smalls ate Donna Summer for breakfast."  Which is actually pretty accurate.  Old School Hip-Hop mixed with contemporary dance music, the thing with Cazwell is his humor, which comes across in his music just as it does when he hosts a party.  (He's actually quite a hoot running contests like "Go-Go Idol," where he likes his boys drunk and dancing.)

Initially I didn't connect with his latest single "Ice Cream Truck" as much as "I Seen Beyonce," but I've realized that I can't really get enough of it... it's pretty infectious, if simple.  And again, his charm just seeps through, elevating the entire thing.  And that video!!! Yikes.  Possibly NSFW.  ;)


Ice Cream Truck

I Seen Beyonce


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