Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Big Wave

Song: Big Wave
Artist: Jenny & Johnny
Album: I'm Having Fun Now

I'd become a pretty big Jenny Lewis fan, first for her first solo album "Rabbit Fur Coat" and then the last Rilo Kiley album "Under the Blacklight." (which many fans f the bands earlier work don't like as much.)  But I was a bit disappointed with her last release, her sophomore solo album "Acid Tongue."  It lacked the charm of those aforementioned records, as well as the melodies.

I didn't realize that she was involved with singer-songwriter Johnathan Rice (whom produced "Acid Tongue") but they have evolved their "collaboration" with an another type of collaboration... an album.  Thus we have "I'm Having Fun Now," a bit of a Alt-rock throwback that mixes her love of country, melodies, and dreamy pop.  I found it immediately charming, though don't know if it can stand with her best work.  (I am not familiar much with his.)  I'm reminded of Throwing Muses, Blake Babies, and a little Kim Deal here... it's like the 90's all over again!

Lead single "Big Wave" is a good indication on what to expect from the album.  It borrows a bit from surf with Beach Boys-like melodies, very punchy.  I also liked album opener "Scissor Runner," and the slow burn of "Switchblade."

I guess I'm reminded that "Rabbit Fur Coat" took me a little to get into, so I'm going to give this one some more spins.


Big Wave

Scissor Runner

Switchblade (live)

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