Monday, May 17, 2010


Song: XXXO
Artist: M.I.A.
Album: MAYA

The return of M.I.A. After having an out of left field hit with "Paper Planes" two years ago, and threatening to no longer create music, M.I.A. is back with her first official single off of her third album, "XXXO." And man, if it isn't a firecracker. Not sure I should be expecting anything less from M.I.A., though a reported single "Space Odyssey" leaked back in January which was underwhelming, and then she released the very violent and odd music video "Born Free," which was attention getting for it's nudity, drugs, guns, etc. but the song wasn't much of one.

Immediately the beat of "XXXO" gets you going, and there is a vulnerability to this track that I dig. "You want me be somebody that I'm really not." Is repeated in the chorus, a struggle of love that isn't her normal fair. The album was scheduled to come out in June and now has been pushed to July. Very interested to hear what's next.



Born Free

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