Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Tube Top

Song: My Tube Top
Artist: Electrocute
Album: Double Diamond

Electrocute are an L.A. based Electro-rock act originally consisting of New Mexico's Nicole Morier and Berlin's Mia Dime, until she left the band and in 2005 Mindy a.k.a. Legs Le Brock joined. Morier's most noted moment has been writing the Britney Spears song "Heaven & Earth" from "Blackout." The band has released a handful of EP's since forming in 2002, and "Double Diamond" is a mix of songs from those records as well as six new tracks, their first full-length.

"My Tube Top" starts things off in boppy, silly fashion. A very fun summer song that I love having on the headphones as I walk down the street. Very fun. The album is very electro, but uses a lot of 60's style guitar, married with the cooing female vocals that sounds a bit Beyond the Valley of the Dolls/Go-Go girl-group. A little surf rock here, a bunch of hand claps there... it's a fun sound, though possibly a little cloying.

Check out the cheerleader-esque "On the Beat," and the blip/blop meets Del Shannon's "Runaway" vibe of "Tiger Toy."


Saturn Rings

On the Beat

Tiger Toy

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