Monday, April 12, 2010

Alles Neu

Song: Alles Neu
Artist: Peter Fox
Album: Stadtaffe

Well this should certainly fill a hole in your collection... a little German Dancehall. Peter Fox, member of the German reggae/hip hop act Seeed released "Stadtaffe" in 2008. "Alles Neu" was released as the first single and went to #4 on the German charts. Album track "Schwarz zu Blau" won the Bundesvision Song Contest just last year in February. "Stadtaffe" might just remain his only solo work as Fox has said that he is returning to the band as the success of the album garnered him much unwanted attention and stress. Oh well.

While I certainly don't have much... what am I saying... ANY German Dancehall, it's easy to see why "Stadtaffe" made so much noise. It's wildly catchy and diverse, and a great listen despite not knowing a word of what he's saying. Most of the upbeat tracks, including "Alles Neu" crackle with such pure joy it's hard not to shake it a little. He could be rapping the phone book from Berlin for all I know... but I'm moving.

Thanks Harley!


Alles Neu

Haus am See

Schwartz zu Blau

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Anonymous said...

Here's a link to YouTube. It has no video but the German is subtitled..."My old life tastes like a soggy toast" hmmmm.