Tuesday, April 27, 2010

La Gloria

Song: La Gloria
Artist: Gotan Project
Album: Tango 3.0

I first heard of Gotan Project from a single track, "Epoca" from "The Truth About Charlie" soundtrack. I liked their mix of loungy electronica, French vocals, and just overall mood. They hail from Paris, but are composed of just one Frenchman, an Argentinian, and a Swede. "Tango 3.0 is their 7th album that was just released last week.

Aside from "Epoca" I hadn't heard anything else from the band, but was happily surprised by "Tango 3.0" as just more of the same. This is a great sexy-time soundtrack for a romantic but fun dinner, or possibly a fantastic cocktail party at a rooftop pool on a hot summer night. Either way, babies might be made by the following morning.

La Gloria is the first single.


La Gloria


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