Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Broken Wings

Song: Broken Wings
Artist: Charles Schillings
Album: Like a Radio

Here is an odd little album I've been enjoying. Charles Schillings is a French Electro-house DJ whom has been in the game since 2002, and "Like a Radio" is his third album. He has an odd mix to his music, using female vocals over R & B, Electro-funk, and Soul-infused House. It's very song-focused, so while it is in some ways just a vibe record, it still can be hand-picked for a groovy song here and there.

It does have an 80's feel, which is compacted by a truly odd cover of Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings." The album also contains a version of "Stand By Your Man." Koo-ky. But it's also very fun.

This is great disco/lounge cocktail music with a bit of a rock edge. It's actually a wonder given all of the styles he uses that it all works as a cohesive whole. It's easy to just dig those out-of-nowhere covers, but this is a good one from start to finish.


One on One (The only album track I could find to post)

No Communication, No Love

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