Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Delirium

Song: My Delirium
Artist: Ladyhawke
Album: Ladyhawke

Here's one that I missed when it came out, Phillipa "Pip" Brown... AKA "Ladyhawke" is a New Zealand electro-pop artist who's self-titled debut came out in 2008. She was in two bands prior to recording her solo debut, Two Lane Blacktop in New Zealand, and then, after a move to Melbourne, a band called Teenager with Empire of the Sun's Nick Littlemore. But it was this solo album that put her on the map, a new wave-ish pop record that sounds a little like Tegan & Sara making a an 80's album. Synth's, guitar, and killer hooks... it's a great record, and one I've really been enjoying quite a bit.

First single "Back of the Van" gives me a little 80's era solo Stevie Nicks... though less organic. I also like the immediate "My Delirium," which is punchy and rocking. It's a great record.... check it out.


My Delirium

Back of the Van

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