Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Song: Bermuda
Artist: Kisses
Album: The Heart of the Nightlife

Here's another entry in the new school of indie-ish groovy lounge music. Like Shy Child, Digits, and to a lesser degree Junior Boys, Los Angeles based electronic band Kisses use elements from the golden age of futuristic disco with an indie-rock sensibility. It's martini music that's swinging enough to half listen and vibe to, and melancholy enough for repeated, deeper listens.

Love single "Bermuda" and giggle a little hearing the earnestly sung chorus of "Midnight Lover," "I would like to take you out, I would like to take you out... for a nice steak dinner." So L.A.

I've been an absolute sucker for this stuff lately, but there is a LOT of it out there, with only a handful worth mentioning. The recent aforementioned Digits and Shy Child albums were really standouts in the genre and I am adding this Kisses record to the mix. Very very good... if you like that sort of thing. ;)



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