Friday, January 15, 2010

Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix)

Song: Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix)
Artist: Ke$ha
Album: Tik Tok

Pop phenom of the moment Ke$ha is currently enjoying big success with her bratty party anthem "Tik Tok," seeing her debut album "Animal" top the charts, opening above Susan Boyle, who has been #1 for several weeks. "Tik Tok" is insanely catchy and fun, but very bratty. I also think it owes a lot to Robyn's "Konichiwa Bitches." "Animal" the album is equaly bratty, and for those who think Britney is a little too mature for them. With songs titled "Blah Blah Blah," "Party at a Rich Dudes Place," and "Hungover," you sort of get where this is going. I didn't much care for the album, and don't, as some have said, think she is 2010's "Lady Gaga."

But I must admit "Tik Tok" has been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, and I REALLY like the Fred Falke remix, which keeps all the vocal hooks and adds a modern club element that I think actually works better than the pop-hip-hop original.

I don't really hear any more dynamic singles on the record, but we'll see if this is in fact Ke$ha's year or not.


And P.S., how annoying is that "$" in her name. Seriously?

Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix)


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