Thursday, January 14, 2010


Song: Acapella
Artist: Kelis
Album: FleshTones

Is there life after "Milkshake?"

I've always liked Kelis. She has an off-kilter persona, just a little bit more on the edge for your average R & B diva. From "Been Caught Out There," her first big single, to the behemoth that was that super-catchy inescapable aforementioned hit. Back in 2006 she released "Kelis Was Here," which despite the star collaborators didn't produce one hit close to "Milkshake." It shows the fickleness of the pop audience... I thought it was a great record, but Kelis is also not afraid to play outside the box, and doesn't conform to what is strictly a winning pop-hip-hop formula. She rolls the dice, and the public just didn't feel that record.

Proving that she is going to continue in that vein, Kelis' new album due this year, "FleshTones" is said to be a more club-dance record than R & B. This is evident in the David Guetta produced first single "Acapella," a throbbing dance track that mixes a bit of Kylie with her deep soulful voice. Actually, it sounds to me more like an up-to-date Donna Summer. Which, seems like the PERFECT niche for her to fill. Right?

Anyhow, I'm really digging this song and look forward to what the new album will sound like.



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