Monday, January 11, 2010

Soldier of Love

Song: Soldier of Love
Artist: Sade
Album: Soldier of Love

It's been now ten years since the last Sade record, 2000's "Lover's Rock," which was one of my favorite records of the year, and continues to be a record I listen to regularly. Aside from sort of not believing that record is ten years old it reminds me that a) Sade is not very prolific, b) that despite ten years her music just doesn't age (my Aunt Nancy was recently playing some of her 80's material at a holiday party last year and "timeless" is the best way to describe it.) and, c) When this woman DOES put out a record, it's always amazing.

I suppose I'd like a new Sade record every three years or so.... but I think I prefer the consistency. Therefore it is with much baited breath that we wait for Sade's sixth album "Soldier of Love" which is set to be released early next month. The title track is the first single, which has already penetrated the R & B and smooth jazz charts. It's another slice of (again) timeless, slinky, sexy, world music-esque pop. The song is very beat heavy, and while it initially didn't grab me the way "By Your Side" from "Rock" did when I first heard it, several listens have opened up new layers... and soon "Soldier" had cast it's spell. It's beautiful, sexy, and mysterious. Just like Sade.

Can't wait to hear the full album, a no doubt treat early in the decade. (And how beautiful is that album cover eh?)


Soldier of Love

By Your Side

Cherish the Day

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