Monday, January 25, 2010


Song: Rocket
Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Head First

Another great surprise... I had no idea a new Goldfrapp album was around the corner. This weekend I discovered that the English group have their fifth album, "Head First" coming this March. This follows a bit of a change of direction for the band after 2008's "Seventh Tree" which saw the duo returning to their down tempo beginnings, though favoring a new sound that I can only really describe as psychedelic folktronica. Initially I was disappointed in the change after really falling for the Electro-pop dancefloor stompers from the previous album "Supernature," but despite being a complete left turn, "Seventh Tree" was one of my favorite records of 2008. It was beautiful, mysterious, and yet very catchy. It made me realize that Goldfrapp were not just very talented, but that they would make a true interesting journey of following their career and music.

Well, I am once again puzzled, but happy to report that Goldfrapp have returned with a another head-scratcher. Lead single from "Head First" has been released and while "Rocket" is a return to their upbeat dance music, it's yet another direction. It's not the future-disco of "Supernature," it's 80's. And like... CHEESY 80's.

"Rocket" somehow manages to sound like it's a wink-wink knowing 80's synth parody (not unlike "Feel the Heat" from "Boogie Nights") mixed with a very modern growing beat, and a chorus that is so crazy goofy, yet charming and then irresistible. The song is truly ridiculous... and yet, I think I love it.

I don't know if an entire 80's throwback will work for a full album, and maybe thats not what "Head First" will be, who knows. With Goldfrapp, it seems we need to stop guessing what's next... and just buy a ticket for the ride. Blastoff.



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