Monday, November 23, 2009

Turtle Pizza Cadillac

Song: Turtle Pizza Cadillac
Artist: Parallel Dance Ensemble
Album: Turtle Pizza Cadillac

Don't know much about Denmark's Parallel Dance Ensemble, but came across this track and instantly fell in love. They currently have only this five-song EP for sale digitally, which consists of three tracks and two remixes. "Turtle Pizza Cadillac" is as infectious as it is ridiculous, a loungy piece of nu-disco, the band reminds me a little of Hercules and Love Affair, with a bit more humor. Breathy vocals, lazy beats, and laser noises abound... they have a fun sound, and wonder how they'll do filling out an entire LP. The other tracks are pretty cool too ("Weight Watchers" & "Gigalette.")


Turtle Pizza Cadillac

Weight Watchers

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