Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Don't Like Your Band

Song: I Don't Like Your Band
Artist: Annie
Album: Don't Stop

I first heard the eagerly awaited new single from Annie's sophomore album back in March of 2008. "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me" (Known simply as "Girlfriend" then) was a familiar slice of dance-pop in the mold of her first single "Chewing Gum" from her excellent debut "Anniemal." I dug it enough, if not being blown over by it, but was happy it was chosen as the first single, vs. her cover of Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts." Which was ultimately left off the album. There was also some issues with vocals on the track "My Love is Better" by Girls Aloud, but that was taken off. The album was finally released towards the end of 2008. Then, a new single "Antonio," was released in early May of 2009... though it wasn't on the album! Strange.

NOW, "Don't Stop" is finally seeing a release her in the US this month. It's got new album art, and... the track listing is different. The biggest surprise is that "Antonio" was NOT included on the album and "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me" has been taken off. (When has a single from another country been taken off another's release?) And, MY personal favorite track "Sweet" was ALSO removed, as well as "I Can't Let Go.". I don't really understand the logic of taking "Sweet"off (while leaving on Annie's worse song to date "What Do You Want for Breakfast.")

Alas, with the re-release three new songs have been added, a moody opener "Hey Annie," a title track, and the bubbly "I Don't Like Your Band," which I quite like. Despite the very strange track flipping, you CAN get the album's Special Edition which includes the five-track "All Night" EP, which includes "Girlfriend," "I Can't Let Go," "Sweet," "Antonio," and another new track... "All Night." I am sure I don't understand all of the political (and/or legal) reasons for the track listing switcheroo... but in the age of the MP3, we're able to make the album WE best like.

In the end, I still am a touch disappointed with "Don't Stop" in comparison to "Anniemal," an album I loved and still listen to. There isn't a song as good as "Heartbeat" on "Don't Stop," and the tracks altogether go for a more pop vs. indie-dance sound.

If you can keep track of all that, enjoy.

I Don't Like Your Band

I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me


My Love is Better

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