Monday, November 16, 2009

600th Post! - Birthday

Song: Birthday
Artist: The Sugarcubes
Album: Life's Too Good

600th Post

Wow, I sort of can't believe I'm on my 600th post. I started the blog in August of 2006 when I was, fittingly enough, working at a record label, where music was all around me... including work. I've always been fascinated on how music gets interwoven into our lives, and how we as human beings can associate images, people, and even emotions to music that was playing at a certain time and place. While WeCastMusic is mainly about what I've been listening too personally, I always wanted to tell the stories about how music does that, and how we pass it along to each other. In the past we may have constructed a mix tape for one another, or now we post a link to our Facebook Wall. The methods change, but in the end there is just the music.

I want to thank the readers that have been here since the beginning, and those that have just joined. I thank you for taking the time, introducing your friends, and recommending music to me, as that's what it's all about. Please continue to send me friends that you think would enjoy the blog, and posting comments on the blog itself. I want to know how particular songs have touched your life, and want to know when you think my selections are rubbish!

This AM I typed "birthday" into my iTunes and came up with thirteen songs. And while I was tempted when I saw one of my favorite bands of all time, The Smiths, to choose "Unhappy Birthday," It just didn't fit. I also loved Cracker's "Happy Birthday to Me," and Cibo Matto's "Birthday Cake." But in the end I chose the Sugarcubes very first single from 1988, simply "Birthday," which Bjork has described as "a tasteless pop song." Which somehow fit just right. Haha.

As always, enjoy.

Birthday - The Sugarcubes

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Mike M. said...

Yea! Thanks for plugging away..although we do differ a bit on the type of music we love, the love of good music is something we share...

Happy Birthday We Cast Music...