Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The House on Fire

Song: The House on Fire
Artist: The Ballet
Album: Bear Life

The Ballet are a Brooklyn-based electro-pop band that are about to release their second album "Bear Life" next month on November 21st. I actually know little about them, but believe they are releasing their material independently. I stumbled upon their website, and have been really liking their 80's-steeped first single "The House on Fire" which you can download free there. A mix of Prefab Sprout, Men Without Hats, with a dash of Spandau Ballet, you could be told that "The House on Fire" was a lost gem from that era and not be the wiser. Does it move beyond that limited reach? Dunno.... but I really dig it, and will be looking for their album when it comes out.

Take a listen to more of their music and get info on the band on their MySpace Page.


In My Head (live)

I Hate the War

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