Thursday, October 15, 2009

All is Love

Song: All is Love
Artist: Karen O and the Kids
Album: Where the Wild Things Are

Tomorrow sees the release of Spike Jonze's theatrical adaptation of the beloved Maurice Sendak childrens book Where the Wild Things Are. I'm a fan of Spike's other two films and was really interested to see what he would do in the fantasy genre. While an early F/X test got leaked and started rumors that the production was in trouble, my first view of the official trailer completely rocked me. I think it looks absolutely beautiful.

Because I live under a bit of an indie-rock rock, I didn't recognize the souring piece of music that accompanied the trailer. When I got the soundtrack, written and recorded by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's Karen O... I was disappointed to not hear it. But the soundtrack itself has a childish, moody vibe that I really dig. Before seeing the film I can just see it matching with wait I saw from the trailer's visuals.

That song from the trailer, of course, is "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire. Check out the official trailer below, as well as "Wake Up."


All is Love

Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Wake Up - Arcade Fire

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Heff said...

Oh it's Arcade Fire. I guess I'm the last person to find that out. It's always neat when they let a popular singer like K.O write a whole soundtrack... sountrackz iz hardz.