Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She's Got Me Dancing

Song: She's Got Me Dancing
Artist: Tommy Sparks
Album: Tommy Sparks

One of my favorite things about life is the way music can jump into your lap anytime, anywhere, and then create new moments for you in the future. I recently heard this infectious song at work as used in a sizzle reel and could not get it out of my head. I did some looking and found out it was Sweden's Tommy Sparks, a new wave artist. It turns out the song was featured in an iPod ad... and knowing that it sounds JUST like something in an iPod ad. Oh well. Haven't listened to the whole new record yet, but this song is great.

Tommy Sparks is a fusion/pop/alternative musician born in Stockholm, Sweden who currently lives in Kilburn, United Kingdom. He is known for his songs "She's Got Me Dancing" and "I'm a Rope". His self-titled album is due out on 11 May 2009 in the United Kingdom. He co-wrote The Prodigy song "Wild West" featured on the bonus disc for Invaders Must Die.[1] He also features on the Filthy Dukes album Nonsense in the Dark on the song "Messages".

An instrumental clip of "She's Got Me Dancing" was used by Apple in the iPod touch 3G television commercial.

Tommy Sparks is the self-titled debut studio album from the musician Tommy Sparks. It contains 10 tracks written by Tommy Sparks and produced by Mike Crossey. It was released through Island Records on May 11, 2009 in the United Kingdom. The album features his singles "I'm A Rope" and "She's Got Me Dancing". The single "Miracle" is due for release in August.

Track listing

1."Much Too Much" 3:24
2."She's Got Me Dancing" 3:29
3."These Things Happen" 3:30
4."Miracle" 3:08
5."Brand New Love" 3:33
6."I'm A Rope" 2:19
7."Kill The Summer" 4:04
8."Velo Arktis" 3:31
10."Health Club" 3:52
11."Weekend's Over" 3:16
12."Messages" (featuring Filthy Dukes)3:20

Music Videos

  • "I'm a Rope"

Director: Max Vitali

  • "She's Got Me Dancing"

Director: Eric Wareheim


She's Got Me Dancing

I'm On a Rope

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