Monday, April 27, 2009

Four Winds

Song: Four Winds
Artist: The Killers
Album: Day & Age

I wanted to like The Killers third album, “Day & Age” more than I ultimately did. Initially I was disappointed as despite being produced by Stuart Price (Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” and Seal’s “System”) it wasn’t as dance driven as expected, despite lead single “Human.” I also was on the fence about “Human,” as I didn’t have the same reaction to their first single from their last album “When You Were Young,” but it certainly grew on me, and I think it’s a killer song.

I’ve been liking second single “Spaceman’s” remixes (Tiesto take is my favorite) quite a bit but also am really digging a b-side, “Four Winds,” a Bright Eyes cover, a lot. I was a fan of the original, but I love the Killers more dancey take on it. It’s a reminder how great of a rock voice Brandon Flowers has, but also what Day & Age could have been. I don’t know… I just felt there wasn’t the catchiness on this album that was there for “Sam’s Town” and their debut. But this cover is a great track to have.


Four Winds

Spaceman (Tiesto Remix)

Spaceman (video)

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leo said...

Four Winds is an excellent track, especially the version from Killers, kind of reminds me of Human.
A bit sad that you didn't like Day & Age because is quite a great album.

Anyways keep it cool with your blog =)