Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You

Song: My Life Would Suck Without You
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Album: My Life Would Suck Without You

Monster single alert. Last we heard from Kelly Clarkson she released her third album “My December,” to much controversy. Apparently Clive Davis didn’t like it, wanted it scrapped, but she relented and released it anyhow. Now, I’m not a huge Kelly fan… don’t get me wrong, I think the girl has had a couple of killer singles but I haven’t taken the time to sit down and listen to a full album. Yet with so much talk about the “darkness” of “My December” I just had to. And I thought it was good, and honestly NOT the departure it had been trumped up to be. It just sounded like… Kelly Clarkson.

As if her record company WANTED the album to tank, they set out and released single after single of the most boring songs the album contained. While it wasn’t brimming with the ├╝ber-pop hooks from “Breakaway,” it certainly had its share of catchy songs. But they didn’t release them as singles. Oh well.

As a possible mea culpa, Kelly got back with producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin (The guys behind “Since You’ve Been Gone”) and have now given us “My Life Would Suck Without You.” It’s practically a sequel to “Since You’ve Been Gone,” but… it totally rocks. It took a couple listens but I hear another big hit for Kelly, and another new karaoke favorite. It’s got the pop-rock polish that she rode to great success on “Breakaway,” and as if to make that totally clear even the single’s cover is all bright and candy-looking. She even is holding a heart-shaped lollipop! (Lollipop? Must mistake me you’re the sucker!)

I think the title is a little goofy, but thankfully that line isn’t the hook for the song. That is given to the line “Cuz we belong together now,” which by the third listen you will want to shout along wherever you are. (I have repeatedly resisted doing so on the train.) It’s hard not to compare it to “Since You’ve Been Gone,” a song that admittedly usually comes but once in your career. If you’re a fan, you’ll love it.


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