Thursday, December 04, 2008

Missing Cleveland

Song: Missing Cleveland
Artist: Scott Weiland
Album: “Happy” in Galoshes

I was only a so-so Stone Temple Pilots fan, and didn’t listen to Velvet Revolver at all. Well… I did listen, but realized I had no interest in continuing to listen. But I do recognize Scott Weiland as an interesting guy, a great front man, and a keep songwriter. I have been enjoying his new solo album “’Happy’ in Galoshes” quite a bit. It’s eccentric, but so is the man… and free of the confines of a band, Weiland really shines.

“Missing Cleveland,” the album opener, makes it seem like the early 90’s never ended. It’s catchy, and if the state of rock was different, could have been a hit. Elsewhere on the album he takes on jangle rock (“Tangle With You Mind”), Elvis Costello style rave-rock (“Blind Confusion”), an even Beatlesque psychedelia (“Beautiful Day.”) I also really liked “Paralysis” which is also a touch psychedelic, and “Killing Me Sweetly,” a ballad that reminded me that this was the guy that wrote the excellent “Interstate Love Song.”

He flirts with electronica on a few tracks which is more interesting than successful. “Arch Angel” is an electro-ish ballad, and his cover of Bowie’s “Fame” is well… maybe trying too hard. It feels out of place on the album for sure. Though I don’t hate it.

I feel like this record is coming out with very little fanfare which is unfortunate, it’s very good.



Missing Cleveland – Live on Jimmy Kimmel

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