Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let Me Borrow That Top

Song: Let Me Borrow That Top
Artist: Kelly
Album: Shoes

Warning… internet sensation: If you haven’t been introduced to Kelly yet, you should read this post.

I was first introduced to “Kelly” this summer by my good friend Harley. I honestly have a low tolerance for user-generated web videos but it was cute enough. I have since found out that it’s been kind of a sensation… and “Shoes” went as far as winning the Best User Generated Video in the 2008 People's Choice Awards. Kelly is a fictional character created by actor/performer Liam Sullivan. Liam played the aforementioned “Kelly” as well as her twin brother, father, grandmother, and lesbian aunt.

“Shoes” was cute, but the music behind the video was a little grating. I felt it would certainly lose something without the visuals. But for what it is, it’s pretty hysterical. Check it out:

22 Million views and counting!

More recently, my very good friend Kent (who I met while vacationing with Harley come to think of it… coincidence? Totally) showed me a new Kelly video, “Let Me Borrow That Top,” which is truly hysterical. I actually watched it four times. It has a long intro with the family… but I still think it’s funny. The song kicks in at about three minutes in:

So, as bare bones Peaches-style electro goes, this is pretty fantastic. I loved it enough to go to iTunes and buy the song, which I am hooked on. I watched a bunch of videos and they are really really funny. You can check them out on the Kelly MySpace page. Liam is quite a entrepreneur, selling t-shirts that are worn in the videos, etc. Fun stuff. He’s caused SUCH a sensation, he even has Kelly impersonators:

Kelly even made a cameo in the super cool Weezer “Pork & Beans” music video which was made from YouTube sensations. Check it out here.


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