Monday, December 22, 2008


BEST OF 2008

Song: Athene
Artist: Hercules & Love Affair
Album: Hercules & Love Affair

This weekend I turned over a new leaf. I had realized I’d been being a bit of a Grinch since the holidays got into full swing, but I let it spill over to music… something I never do! I was talking to my good friend Brian who was eager to dish about the favorite music of the year and I was being all bah humbug. So after pouring over my iTunes library of this years music I did realize that there has been a bunch of stuff I’ve dug over the year. So, over the next few (probably sporadic) last days of September as well as into January I will in fact go on and on about the records and/or songs I dug this year…

I don’t know why but I thought the Hercules & Love Affair album came out last year, but I had forgotten it was one of my favorites, an odd-ball indie-disco record that worked as a great mood record. While “Blind,” one of my top ten tracks of the year, was the out-of-the-ballpark highlight, the rest of the album works more as a great vibe record that series of singles. So yes, while “Blind” is super catchy and fun, there are great tracks like “Hercules Theme” and “Athene” that are more ethereal in their disco-soaked beauty. Sound odd? It is… but also remarkably unpretentious.



You Belong

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