Monday, November 03, 2008

It's Real

A stroke of Genius….

Dear Readers,

My posts have been a little inconsistent as of late due to a new writing project I’m working on for the entire month of November. I didn’t want to shut the blog down for a month so I came up with an idea…

First, I don’t know what player you use on your computer to play music but I can’t really recommend iTunes enough. Sure I’m a Mac head, but if Windows Media Player actually worked well I would totally use it. But it doesn’t… iTunes is just better and recently it got a LOT better.

iTunes has recently added a feature called Genius, that finally does what Pandora and Last FM do… it takes the music you like (or actually have in your iTunes library) and gives you suggestions on other tracks in your library like a particular song. It’s picked some interesting stuff… and not all totally what you’d expect.

So, this month I will ask you to send me requests, either favorite songs I have posted before, I’ll give them the Genius treatment and highlight and post a song it recommends. Fun right? So send them to me please… and multiples are cool too, I have whole month to fill!

The posted song for today really has nothing to with anything… just a killer song I’m really digging.

Song: It’s Real
Artist: Black Affair
Album: Pressure Point

Steve Mason is best known for his work with the Beta Band. Since they broke up he formed the single album project King Biscuit Time, and now most recently Black Affair, which is an electro-dance record.

I don’t think it’s GREAT per-say, but the track “It’s Real” is really good. You can check out their MySpace page here.


It’s Real


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